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Welcome to DIET Purba Medinipur 1st Campus

In the Purba Medinipur district, the Kelomal Government Primary Teachers Training Institute was a pioneer in teacher education. Since its founding in 1956, it has been able to uphold its pride and prestige while adhering to the guidelines and instructions provided by the Government of West Bengal. Thanks to the collaborative effort and committed work of the academic staff and office staff, this institute has been able to flourish to the satisfaction of all parties involved in respect to providing quality teacher education, which has led to its quality school education in the district.

Our Mission

1.To improve the quality of the Institute’s non-academic and academic activity.

2.Increasing the district’s adult and elementary education systems in order to achieve greatness.

3.To create curriculum, instructional materials, textbooks, a teacher’s manual, audio-visual aids, and other materials for use in educational institutions by teachers at all levels of schooling.

4.To carry out research on the dynamics of the classroom and educational innovations.

5.To support pre-service and in-service trainees in terms of academic inputs and personality growth.

Our Vision

1.To provide academic and resource support at the grass root level for the success of the various strategies and programmes being undertaken in the areas of elementary, secondary, higher secondary and, adult and non-formal education.

2.To organise and support teacher professional development and leadership development programmes.

3.To prepare relevant local teaching learning materials and curriculum related school education.

4.To undertake various dipstick surveys, research works and projects related to school education.

5.To build a generation of excellent trained teachers with spirit of service and higher values.

Principal Message

Teachers affect eternity – No one can tell where their influence stops– Henry Brooks Adams

Children’s personalities, skills, and futures are decided and moulded by their teachers. Being a competent teacher requires the appropriate knowledge. It’s important for a teacher to be both strict and affable. In addition to fostering the pupils’ mental development, he assists them in discerning between right and wrong. As a result, it is essential that someone complete an extensive programme of teacher education. Based on the NPE 1986 suggestion, the District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) was formed throughout India in 1989 to provide academic and resource support for teacher education. The effectiveness of different policies and projects implemented in the domains of elementary to higher secondary, as well as adult education, depends on the academic and resource support provided at the grassroots level by DIET.

The establishment of DIET Purba Medinipur was much delayed due to some administrative issue and ultimately established in the year 2019. This institution became not only the only government institution in the Purba Medinipur District but also one of the top institutions for teacher education. The campus is now open to both boys and girls as a result of the conversion of
one of the oldest teacher training institutions, Kelomal Govt. Primary Teacher Training Institute, into DIET. This institute’s campus is covered with greenery, and there is a large pond next to it, which adds to the campus beauty and tranquilly. We anticipate being blessed with the best educators, the most devoted officers and staff, and the most deserving students for our Institute.
We have everything necessary to make our mark on the field of teacher education, but in order to reach that level, we must have confidence in who we are. Nothing in the world can prevent us from achieving our goals if we are perfect, steadfast in our convictions, and persistent in our efforts.
I wish my best wishes to all of the students, teachers, staff members, and anybody else who wants to join and assist us in our goal of advancing knowledge creation and sharing while also advancing not only education but mankind as a whole.


Various Programmes of DIET


Saraswati Puja

Teachers’ Day

Independence Day Celebration

Netaji’s Birthday Celebration