In the Purba Medinipur district, the Kelomal Government Primary Teachers Training Institute was a pioneer in teacher education. Since its founding in 1956, it has been able to uphold its pride and prestige while adhering to the guidelines and instructions provided by the Government of West Bengal. Thanks to the collaborative effort and committed work of the academic staff and office staff, this institute has been able to flourish to the satisfaction of all parties involved in respect to providing quality teacher education, which has led to its quality school education in the district.
District Institutes of Educational Training (DIET) were formed all over the country in response to the National Policy of Education (NPE, 1986) recommendations; there are DIETs in more than 500 districts across the nation. The primary goal of DIETs, the sole institution of its kind at the district level, is to provide training to all relevant personnel. In response to the urgent demand for high-quality teacher development and education, DIETs were created. Government of India understood how important it was to develop qualified teachers in order to raise the standard of education throughout the entire nation. In order to close the knowledge gap in the field of education, DIETs were established in each district of the nation. Since their inception, DIETs have significantly improved teaching methods and advanced their development. The Kelomal Government Primary Teachers Training Institute was upgraded into District Institute of Educational Training (DIET) Purba Medinipur on…21 st August,2019 vide memo no. 613-ES(EE)/SCERT-12/18 in order to meet the need for DIET in Purba Medinipur District. Through conducting research, experiments, training, developing instructional materials, and offering resource support, it has been established as a leading institution with the goal of bringing qualitative and quantitative enrichment to elementary, adult, and non-formal education in the Purba Medinipur district. Since its founding, DIET Purba Medinipur has been working tirelessly to accomplish these goals.